Is Your Skin Hanging Onto the Past? Try Daily Microfoliant From Dermalogica UK

If your skin is carrying too much luggage from your previous years, try Daily Microfoliant from Dermalogica UK. Dead skin can make any face look old, but our skin wants to cling to these antiquated remnants of its bygone days. It’s hard for us though to move on into the 21st century with this old fashioned retro skin. Even though we want to wake up and feel each day anew, our face keeps telling us, we need the perspective of time. This is time we’d rather not be reminded of, especially by our face. Dermalogica UK has many products that can erase the years, but their Daily Microfoliant is a good place to start.

Is Your Skin Traumatised by Past Abuse? 

Skin can be damaged over the years by sun, wind and other weathering that it has endured in the name of our enjoyment or hard work. It has suffered a lot and sometimes that makes it reticent to embrace a new day. It wants to cling to the past and to remind us of that time with a sort of skin martyr complex. No wonder it reminds us of our elderly relatives with all their stories to tell. If your face is revealing a bit too much of it’s past to those you meet and telling stories that reveal your age, Dermalogica UK can help. They offer sensible, no nonsense solutions to the problems of PSTD skin. Their Daily Microfoliant can wipe away that old luggage and other Dermalogica products can start healing past hurts and making new skin come alive.

But Doesn’t Exfoliation Hurt? 

Sometimes exfoliation hurts, but it doesn’t have to. Many exfoliating products are harsh and cause pain to delicate skin tissues. Strong exfoliants go beyond removing dead cells to scrub and cut skin that is still vital and healthy. This is actually damaging. These products have no way to differentiate between living and dead cells, but Daily Microfoliant is designed to only remove dead cells and comfort the living cells while leaving them intact.

What Are The Benefits In Short? 

• Gentle Exfoliation

• Rice Based

• Powder form that Activates with Water

• Papain, Salicylic Acid and Rice as Active Ingredients

• Selective Exfoliation of only Dead Cells

• Micro Exfoliation

• No Artificial Scents or Colours

How Does Daily Microfoliant Fit In With My Lifestyle?

If you are like most 21st Century women, you don’t have time to spend fussing over your skin. The good news is that Daily Microfoliant only takes about a minute and a half a day to use.

How Do I Use It? 

Just wet your hands and pour out about a half a teaspoon into your hand. Rub your hands together till it turns into a creamy paste. Then gently rub it into your face, avoiding your eyes. Use circular motions to rub it in for about a minute, then rinse. It’s really fast and easy. If you use other Dermalogica UK products simply add this to your regimen.

With help from Dermalogica UK, you can make your skin let go of the past. Daily Microfoliant gets those old dead cells off your face and down the drain, so that you can face your life with brighter, clearer skin.


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